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Born from Innocence (10 Pack)

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Born from Innocence - The Ultimate Way to Live Book ( 10 Pack ). You get 10 books. Shipping depends on whether you buy from South Africa or United States. To order multiple 10 packs then add this to your cart and repeat.

"Have you ever wondered why Jesus could declare people forgiven before they even confessed their sins or His death on the cross? Imagine your life finding its origin in innocence instead of guilt, obligation or fear of judgment. What a life of peace would that not be! In this book, Bertie Brits explains what the Lamb of God really came to do for mankind. He takes you on a wonderful journey into what actually happened at the Baptism of John and at the cross, from where the life born from perfect innocence starts. Just as your life can be born from guilt and obligation, it can also be born from innocence. This book is an easy read. You will feel clean and forgiven, based on a great amount revelation about perfect forgiveness for all people. This truth will resonate with your inner man, from where you will have a brand-new life and understanding of what it means to be born again", says Bertie Brits.

Special Ordering Note: Hardcopy books are currently available in South Africa, United States and Canada ONLY. All other locations can download an E-book version on the link below. You can also Donate Online any amount and receive our E-book of choice. If you are unable to purchase our E-book then Contact Us today and select the E-Book Free Program from the department menu. It will arrive in email soon.

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